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ESD - Simulator 30 kV
ESD - Simulator 30 kV


30kV ESD simulator is suitable for EMC testing of systems and equipment in accordance with standard IEC / EN 61000-4-2, ISO 10605 (Automotive), MIL-STD and other.

◆ ± 30.0kV  air- and contact discharge

◆ 150pF/330Ω(Capacity modules available up to 1000 pF/Resistor modules available from 50 Ohm up to > 5 kOhm)

  polarity switching module(manual or automatic)

30mm diameter discharge probe/Rapid discharge mode

HBM mode,100pF/1500Ω

external control unit,AC powered or battery powered are optional

 Remote control software and optical fiber set

Weight only 1.5kg(without accessories)